About the CMHC

Formed in January 2014 the Central Model Helicopter Club (or CMHC) aims to promote and develop model helicopter flying in central England. A group of helicopter flyers decided to take their knowledge base and resources to a full size venue to enable them to work collaborately with their full size counterparts.

On a nice Saturday morning there are normally around 6-10 members flying a variety of helicopters. Beginners with smaller 200 size helicopters getting welcome advice from more advanced flyers with 450 size right up to bigger 700 size nitro helicopters. We also have a couple of drone pilots flying a variety of machines from Mavic Airs up to P4P’s and even home made machines!

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the hobby and just enthusiastic because help is always available to get you up in the air for the first time. It’s not easy and just a tiny bit of progress can make your day and put you in a good mood for the rest of the week. Most members can help a flyer get off the ground, but we have three BMFA approved instructors and examiners who can give a hand with more advanced help. We are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association and all members must carry the BMFA membership card which includes the necessary insurance to allow us to fly.

A Typical Saturday Morning.
We can fly everyday of the year but Saturday mornings are the most popular with pilots turning up often just after sunrise and if it’s cold or rainy there is always the Glider Cafe which serves a full English breakfast.